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Life Insurance Denials, Contests and Litigation

Life Insurance Denials, Contests and Litigation

Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) policies are supposed to give you peace of mind that your loved ones will be provided for in the event of your untimely death.  However, after you are gone, life insurance companies often deny payment of life insurance benefits or accidental death and dismemberment benefits for various reasons, such as the insured’s death occurring within the contestability period (the first two years of the policy’s existence), their perception that the insured falsified information on the policy application, or the allegation that the insured’s death falls under some obscure exclusion under the policy.  


Despite the flowery pictures painted by television commercials, life insurance companies are not out there to help you.  They are in the business of making money, plain and simple.  Therefore, when they can get away with it, they will deny payment of benefits under a policy.  Lawyer Adam Barrington has been successful in persuading life insurance companies that it is in their best interests to pay the benefits under a policy and not risk litigating the denial of benefits in a court of law. 

Life insurance policy document

Disputes arising out of denials of life insurance or accidental death benefits are contractual in nature, and therefore have a three year statute of limitations from the time the cause of action arises.  This means that you must bring suit against them within three years of the first denial of benefits under the policy.  Do not waste time by thinking that the life insurance company will change its mind or come to its senses.  They will be happy for you to let the statute of limitations expire, which will bar your claim against them.  If you feel that the payment of your loved one’s policy was wrongfully denied, please contact Attorney Adam Barrington as soon as possible to discuss your case.  Your loved one planned for your future in the event of his or her death; do not let the insurance company wrongfully deny what is rightfully due to you.

Contact Hampstead Life Insurance Denial Attorney Adam Barrington TODAY at 910-421-0421 to set up an appointment to discuss your life insurance dispute case.

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