Adam Barrington and Barrington Law


Throughout his life, Attorney Adam Barrington has always cared for people and endeavored to assist those in need whenever possible.  Right out of college, Adam began working in vocational ministry. He transitioned to non-profit management where he then served the homeless population of Charlotte, NC. However, becoming a lawyer was like coming home. Thus began a new career, marrying two elements that were close to his heart, helping others and the law.

Adam began his law practice in his hometown of Fayetteville, NC at Armstrong & Barrington PLLC where he still practices today. As a kid, Adam grew up going to Topsail Beach with his family, which then continued as an adult.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Adam and his family spent a lot of time on Topsail Island, where he was able to continue his Fayetteville law practice

through working remote and some occasional travel. This sparked a vision in him for

Barrington Law in Hampstead, NC, where he could navigate and serve a new and different population through some of life's roughest waters.

Adam and his wife Beth now make their home at Topsail Beach and are Pender County residents.  Beth is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) serving clients and families dealing with substance addiction.  One of their children is enrolled in Pender County Schools, and the other will enroll when the time comes. 

Barrington Law

Our Vision

The vision of Barrington Law is for their clients to be empowered to meet the difficult times and the rough waters of life with resolution, strength and tenacity.  We want our clients to leave each encounter with us being equipped with the tools necessary to overcome the obstacles that arise with peace of mind knowing that they have someone in their corner and on their side.  We do not want our clients to be taken by surprise by what comes their way, but to be prepared to face life's struggles and challenges with dignity and fortitude.  Our goal is to help you change course from going over the perilous waterfall to sailing on the smooth waters of tranquility.

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