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Introducing our law firm
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Personal Injury Lawyer in Hampstead, NC

Life is difficult.
The unexpected happens.
Be ready.

Barrington Law's mission is to navigate you through life's rough waters.  Whether you are injured, putting your life back together, or planning for the future, we are here to guide you through the process.


Introducing Barrington Law

Barrington Law is the law practice of Attorney C. Adam Barrington III in coastal North Carolina, located in Pender County.  A Fayetteville native and third generation attorney, Adam came to the practice of law after prior careers in ministry and nonprofit management.  Those experiences gave him a heart for helping people through their most difficult times.  His practice emphasis on personal injury, auto accidents, workers' compensation, estate planning, and post-conviction relief are all ways that he navigates his clients through life's rough waters. 


Personal Injury

An injury caused by the negligence of someone else can be one of life's toughest trials.  You can be assured that the insurance company is not looking out for you.  You will likely need someone looking out solely for your interests as you recover.

Learn More About Personal Injury with Barrington Law

Wrongful Death

Perhaps the roughest waters in life is when you lose a loved one due to the negligence of someone else.  North Carolina permits you to recover for your loss.

Learn More About Wrongful Death with Barrington Law

Wills & Estate Planning

We have all been reminded lately that life is precious and life is short.  Being prepared is one of the best gifts one can give to their loved ones.  Navigating these issues can be rough waters.  We will answer your questions with compassion and understanding.

Practice Areas

Workers' Compensation

Getting hurt on the job leaves many questions unanswered... Will I lose my job? Can I get in trouble with my boss?  When do I go back to work?  What happens if I can't go back to work?  Call us to discuss your Workers' Comp case.  

Post-Conviction Relief

Everyone has made mistakes.  Some have seemingly permanent marks against them due to criminal prosecution.  Whether it's wiping the slate clean through an expungement or restoring your firearms rights or petitioning to be removed from the sex offender registry, we can guide you through the process.

Life Insurance Denials

Your loved one planned for this.  You were supposed to be taken care of.  Now the insurance company will not pay.  Or someone else is trying to step in.  A dispute over or denial of life insurance proceeds can can cause you relive the loss over again.  You will need someone to fight for you.

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